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The Proper Kiss

                    Rated: PG Pairing: ZoSan                                                                                                       

“Oi, um Robin……you’re smart. What’s the proper way to kiss someone?” A certain green-haired swordsman asked as he sat nervously in the training room with Robin standing at the door.

“Is that why you asked me to come here? Why would you need to know swordsman-san? Have someone in mind you want to kiss?”She replied smiling a little.

Zoro’s face turned red as he thought of his someone in mind. The sun colored blonde lock that looked so soft as they lay against the pale creamy skin. The soft and smooth creamy skin. The ocean blue eye that shined no matter what light it was in. That funny yet cute curl on the right eyebrow. The left eye (still unknown to him) was covered by the sun like hair. The lips was something he thought about constantly, how they quirk into a smirk or stick out in a pout. The next part was the neck how it …… wait a minute…okay starting to admire too much….can’t do that now.

“Shit….yeah I do.” Zoro said through gridded teeth as he felt heat rush to his face and his lower regions.

Robin looked at swordsman amused as she giggled a little. “Well, it depends on the person you want to kiss. If it’s someone like navigator-san than you should take it slow and wait a while to kiss her. If it’s for someone like captain-san you should be quick at it. But if it’s for someone like cook-san you should take the kiss slow but not too slow….don’t only make it a 2second kiss, make it more of a 2-3 minute kiss that shows your passion for him….”She paused and smiled as she noticed Zoro looked like he was making a mental note in permanent ink for the last person she talked about.

Zoro blushed more as he noticed Robin staring at him knowingly.

“T-thank you Robin.” He stuttered as he made his way out of the training room and down to the kitchen where said blonde stood by the counter finishing on of his cigarettes.

Zoro opened the door and walked in towards the cook.

“Zoro? What you come to-…” Sanji started before getting pulled towards the swordsman dropping his cigarette from his mouth to the floor.

Zoro and Sanji’s lips met and Sanji thought of protesting but then Zoro pushed into a deeper kiss making those thoughts leave.

Zoro pulled Sanji as close to him as possible still kissing him passionately as this went on Sanji started to melt into Zoro and had his eyes shut tight as Zoro licked his bottom lip.

 Sanji’s lips opened unconsciously letting Zoro’s tongue explore his mouth digging out a moan in the back of Sanji’s throat.

When Zoro pulled away still holding Sanji close to him Sanji panted and looked into Zoro’s eyes as Zoro panted for air and looked into Sanji’s.

“Why….did you….just kiss me….Zoro?”Sanji questioned through pants.

“Why do you think?” Zoro said as he caught his breath and smiled as he still held Sanji close.

“Shit-head.” The chef said nuzzling into the swordsman.

The end result of this story is that Zoro wanted and did give Sanji the proper kiss.

(Not know that the rest of their nakama was watching through a window.)

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 Okay I don't know how to do that link thing yet so if people want to help that'd be cool but anyways this is a story I made yesterday..........

Your Fault 
Rated: PG Pairing: ZoSan

“It was your fault Zoro!” Sanji yelled glaring at the green haired swordsman that glared back at the blonde cook.

“How was it my fault, you shitty love-cook?” Zoro yelled back pulling out two of his swords.

“You wanna fight you shitty marimo-head?” Sanji said getting in a fighting stance.

“Would you two shut up! It’s both your faults for getting the floor wet!” Nami yelled at them crossing her arms and shaking her head.

“Well, Zoro is the one who spilt his sake on the floor.” Sanji said pointing at the swordsman.

“You’re the one who slipped in it.” Zoro said putting his swords away.

“You’re the one who fell on top of me!” Sanji said as his face turned completely.

Zoro froze and then noticed everyone staring at them.

Zoro and Sanji both decided to talk about it in the storage room.

They stood in the storage room and glared at each other.

Sanji was partly turned away because he was still blushing.

Zoro huffed and crossed his arms. “It was all your fault that entire thing happened you shitty-cook.” Zoro said.

Sanji stayed silent as the whole scene played in his mind.

Sanji was getting more drinks for everyone and Zoro knocked his sake to the floor spilling it everywhere and spreading glass everywhere.

Sanji was walking back and didn’t notice the spill was right where his foot went.

He slipped and Zoro tried to catch him and slipped himself and fell into the cook into a lip lock.

Sanji shook his head to get the image out until he felt hands on his hips. He looked up to see Zoro inches away.

“W-what are you-?” Sanji questioned getting cut off by Zoro’s mouth on his.

‘It’s your fault I got hocked on you.’ Zoro thought as he kissed Sanji into the night and they may have went farther.

Use your imagination for that.



Author’s note: yeah I know corny ending but I was bored and couldn’t think. I hope you like it and comment nicely. And if you want you can tell me what you think happens after or just imagine it yourself. But I liked it so there you go. I new at this too..........don't be mean it'll hurt my feelings.

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Hi i'm new and this is my first entry. Yay! Okay, I love One Piece so this is mostly One Piece stuff but there will be more. 

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